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Turbo Energy, Energy drink, Powder sachets
Turbo Energy  helps with Sustainability, Mental alertness  and Physical energy
Turbo Energy - Focus, Wakefulness  and Recovery

Turbo Energy

Life sometimes asks us to perform that little bit better to reach our goals. Whether it’s a particularly hard day at the office, an important exam, a tough game on the sports field, a long drive, or a strenuous workout, Turbo Energy with added electrolytes can help you go at full pace all the way, to reach your goals.
Turbo Energy is a caffeinated energy drink presented in single-serving powder sachets to be dissolved in water. Each sachet produces a revitalising beverage designed for an active lifestyle, offering energy, hydration, and convenience in a compact, portable format.
Turbo Energy Sachets

Available at
all pharmacies and Dis-Chem stores.

turbo energy mineral salts and fructose

“Turbo Energy is a unique product, and with the amount of electrolytes present in the product, it is not just another energy drink. Athletes not only exercise and improve their physical performance with the aid of the product, but also their mental energy when studying for exams. With a demanding programme you need a product that keeps you going at full pace.”

Hugo Bardenhorst

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